Vaginal Dryness Linked To Vegetarian Diet, Study Finds

A joint study conducted by Ohio State University and the University of Melbourne in Australia, with a sample size of 1,487 women aged 18-45, has determined there is a positive correlation between reports of vaginal dryness and vegetarianism.

Women between the ages of 18 and 30 who reported abiding by vegetarian diets were 36% more likely to experience regular vaginal and vulvar discomfort as a result of vaginal dryness than their omnivorous counterparts in the same age group (strictly vegan women experienced vaginal dryness at a statistically similar rate – 37% more so than female omnivores in the same age category).

Among women aged 31 to 45 however, the results were even more staggering. Vegetarians and vegans in this age bracket were a whopping 71% more likely to experience vaginal dryness than their meat-eating peers.

Researchers are still reviewing the data and theorizing what could be behind the correlation between vaginal dryness and meat-free diets. Some have noted the possibility that the discomfort of vaginal dryness may push some women to develop what they believe to be healthier eating habits in order to fill an otherwise unfilled void. However, most scientists on the case believe that if there is a causal relationship, it most likely goes the other way.

As Dr. Wilma Strauss of the University of Melbourne puts it, “If ya don’t get meat in ya, you won’t get meat in ya.”

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