3 MORE Questions From An Ignorant Bunny – At Least One Will Piss You Off (Again!)

Well hello there, Snuggles McFluff again. Can you believe it’s been over a year since I posted my last round of questions?? So much has happened over my seventeen-month absence. A big juicy carrot has become president of the US… there’s this new thing called the Alt-Right… North Korea has finally figured out how to shoot missiles at stuff… University students are all pussies now… and the Middle East is still all fucked up (surprise!). Anyway, I’ve put together a second list of questions for you my beloved readers to help me understand these changing times. Identity politics has really run amok, and there’s a ton of wacky shit I can’t make sense of alone. So with no further ado, here’s my new list:

1. This first one is for the ladies, particularly ladies who land on the mainstream political left. Fellow feminists, we’ve come a long way, especially in the West. Here men and women are legally equal, and girls and boys now have equal opportunity to pursue their dreams. Hallelujah! Something that we can now observe, which our feminist chums did not predict, is that the more equal the sexes become in society, the WIDER the differences are between what males and females choose to pursue in life. Neat huh? So is it time yet to stop attributing all disparities in representation in certain fields to discrimination? Think about it. When discrimination (the patriarchy!) goes down, the sexes express themselves even more differently from one another. If men and women can and do choose what they want to do with their lives, it seems that nature is behind these free choices. Why place so much emphasis on equity when we already have equality? Why fight nature when you could… just not do that? I’m sure you’d have no trouble finding other things to complain about!

2. Next up, black people (black people in the West in particular). I ask this out of concern, because statistically speaking, black people aren’t doing as well as they should be. Dear black people, why can’t you be more like Asians and Jews? Asians and Jews never got any favours from the White Man, yet they have a remarkable tendency to do extremely well in Western societies (even better than whites, on average). They’ve proved that the white racist minority does not have the power to hold any race or ethnicity down. Isn’t that awesome? Thanks Asians and Jews! And best of luck to you, black people. Perhaps eating more bagels or rice would help.

3. Now let’s move on to a group of people even more puzzling than feminists and ‘the blacks’ – Trump supporters. I mean people who, today, actually like Donald Trump. Why do you like him? Not being an American bunny, I thought it was hilarious when Trump was elected. Never underestimate American stupidity, am I right? But after what we’ve seen from him so far, how could you possibly believe he is on anyone’s side but his own? He does not care about working class people, and is clearly incapable of working with others. All of his relationships have conspicuously short shelf lives. Saying fucked-up shit can be fun, but why would you want that from a president? Why do you believe he will achieve any of the bizarre or downright stupid goals he’s proposed? None of his plans have been developed enough to even come close to being implemented. Besides that, he is what he campaigned against – an incompetent, “stupid,” “laughing stock,” who cannot “make deals” with anyone, and who filled his government with all the swamp monsters. So, people who like Trump, what’s up with that?

Closing remarks

Thanks for reading folks! I’m sure you have all the answers to these questions, and I can’t wait to read them in the comments section. I’ll be the first to acknowledge my woeful ignorance, and want you to help set me straight! If you haven’t yet, check out my previous list here. So far no one has been able to answer any of those questions, so you can still be the first.






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